Meet The Owner


Karen Howell, Mini Soles Founder

Karen, a serial entrepreneur, is the creator and CEO of the Alabama based company Mini Soles. Since it's launch in 2020, Karen and her team of designers have been dedicated to bringing fashionable girl's footwear to production. Her passion is to provide not only a cute pair of shoes, but quality and comfort as well. She is committed to sourcing materials that are of the highest quality ensuring product sustainability. 

Prior to Mini Soles, Karen started several businesses, all within the world of e-commerce, however Mini Soles is her first brand. Owning her own brand has been a long-term goal and through Mini Soles, she aspires to show others to never give up on their dreams.

Karen holds a (MBA) master's degree in business management/administration and a (BBA) bachelor's degree in business administration. Included in her hobbies are reading, traveling and shopping.


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Mini Soles

Mini Soles is a kids shoe brand that combines high fashion with timeless classic styles to create a line that is fun, sophisticated and features the finest craftsmanship and materials. The name is a tribute to mini feet. We aspire to share our love of stylish shoes that are versatile enough for any occasion. Our team of footwear designers are dedicated to creating designs that will be a favorite for you and your mini human.